• Bernie loves to work in theatre-studio’s.
  • Is fascinated by dance and dancers, from early youth.
  • She makes sketches in theatres of dance and opera. To name a few: ‘Nederlands Dans Theater, The Hague’, ‘Staatoper, Berlin’, ‘Scala, Milano’, and recently: ‘The Korsakov Conservatory, St.Petersburg’.
  • In the years 1991-1996 Jirí Kylián, artistic director of the Nederlands Dans Theater, has granted her the possibility of making sketches of dancers rehearsing choreographies.
  • She is inspired by the movements of the dancers, when a choreography is in a process of development, concentrating on the expressiveness of its motions.
  • In her oilpaintings she went through a period of abstract working in the eighties, composing ‘symphonies of colour’, later she returned to figuration. She is primarily concerned about rendering a characteristic of human feelings.

Education: Royal Academy of Visual Arts, The Hague, 1977/81, autodidact.

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